Peace Education Development Initiative is an educator and faith based non-governmental organization encompassing the key concepts of education and peace. Our NGO involves a process of systematic institutionalized transmission of knowledge, attitude and skills, as well as of basic values and norms that are accepted in our society.

Because Conflict and violence appear historically inevitable and may be socially desirable if they result in personal and/or political progress. Conflict and violence does not have to be when one is killing the other. This is why we, peace educators became challenged with finding an appropriate way of closing the human distance created by smoke (violence), then fire which is the conflict.

Education for peace is considered to be the best measure to combat crime, build integrity and breach of ethics. This project aims to identify target groups (children, teenagers and young adults) with all forms, levels of conflict and suggest the best method of approach.

“Negative peace is defined as the absence of large-scale physical violence – the absence of the condition of war. Positive peace involves the development of a society in which, except for the absence of direct violence, there is no structural violence or social injustice”. We sought for a positive peace.